My Story

In the Fall of 2009, I was a Stay-At-Home Mom of 2 beautiful girls, both were under the age of 4 at that time.I also had a school-aged son who I get to spend time with every other weekend. I really enjoyed (and still enjoy) making my own stamped cards. So I purchased a stamp set from ebay. When it came in the mail there was a catalog, business card and 2 samples, of what?, Scentsy. The first 2 samples I recieved were Cucumber Lime and Black Raspberry Vanilla. I browsed through the catalog and set the samples on my desk.   Each day, as I tended to my every day tasks, I walked by my desk and would catch a hint of these fragrances. So I looked into it further, because it smelled SO GOOD! I found out that these wax samples actually went in a warmer with a lightbulb. What a good idea! I couldn't burn candles anymore because I didn't want it to be a safety issue with the kids being so little. That doesn't mean I didn't want my house to smell good! After about 3 days I decided that I needed to sell this stuff. Why? Well here it is: I had tried other direct sales companies and had not had "fire" to sell them. I had never heard of this! What a great concept! I wasn't willing to sacrifice time with my kids for a job outside of the home. It was only $99. It came with EVERYTHING I needed to get started right away. I didn't have to buy a lot of other "stuff" to be able to sell it. There is a great opportunity with Scentsy to make it whatever I wanted it to be. Between then and now, I sold just enough to stay active. I never really looked at it as a business, I worked a full time job, until........March 2013. I decided to see how I could make Scentsy work for me. My business has grown leaps and bounds since then and continues to. Why? Because I love it, and I work it. It doesn't work me. I actually saw the UPS truck the other day and said, " Yay, work has been delivered!" . That was a first for me. I was tired of working for someone else. I was tired of missing events at school because I felt guilty leaving my employer short-handed. You never get those moments back. I set my own schedule, I WANT to work, I LOVE the product, I LOVE the company. I wake up looking forward to what my day will bring. I also have a wonderful husband that supports me in every way.  What about you? Could $99 change your life and be a blessing for you and your family? Could you sell a product that sells itself? How can Scentsy work for you? You will never know if you never try. I will leave you with a quote. “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” ― Theodore Roosevelt Warmly, Hillary Giuffre<!--endbody-->